Contemporary Dance Studio

The programme of Aleksandra Dziurosz's Contemporary Dance Studio is intended to educate dancers mostly in the field of contemporary dance, but not only. In the 2010/2011 season, the program has expanded to include two additional dance forms: Classical Ballet / Barre au sol and Dance Improvisation / Composition. These classes aim to enrich the dancer/actor's repertoire and skill, developing them into even more versatile artists. 

The originator of the Studio intends for the students to develop their skills and eventually become part of the Studio's team – the dance theatre. At present, the team – Atelier WTT – consists of 8 people and is open to new members. The studio can, therefore, welcome new dancers on an ongoing basis. The main source of recruitment for new members to Atelier WTT is the Contemporary Dance Studio. In order to ensure the team’s continual development, both artistically and technically, artists from outside the Studio are invited to participate in spectacles.

Apart from classes included in the programme, the Studio’s schedule contains some permanent evening workshops, such as „BODY-ART-MOVEMENT” conducted monthly on the stage of Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts. All participants of the Studio's classes and invited artists take part in these evenings. What is more, workshops conducted by major Polish modern dance teachers are held regularly.