Description of classes


The main aim of teaching contemporary dance technique is to improve motor skills, develop the ability to use whole-body motor skills in an effective manner as well as to induce body awareness in order to prepare the whole body for direct and total expression through movement.
A great emphasis is put on the development of conscious artistic expression – combination of movement and music, movement function in space, specification of the notion of expression and dynamics. Acquiring the skills of improvisation, developing artistic activity as well as inducing in a dancer individual traits of his artistic personality play a significant role in the teaching process.

Aleksandra Dziurosz – dancer, choreographer, director, dance teacher, founder of the Warsaw Dance Theatre

Anna Majder – dancer, dance teacher

Maria Kuchowicz – dancer, dance teacher


Classical dance constitutes the fundamental basis of the professional dancer’s technique. The aim of these workshops is to improve and broaden the whole-body motor skills, develop movement awareness, motor coordination and discipline. When subject to training, the body gains flexibility, strength, precision as well as smoothness and harmony of movement. BARRE AU SOL is a set of exercises performed on the ground which expand the scope of whole-body joint mobility and activate the muscles through their strengthening and elongation. This technique is based on the contemporary knowledge from the field of anatomy as well as classical dance exercises, yoga and Pilates technique.

Anna Maria Karabela – dancer, dance teacher


Dance improvisation is a tool for an individual’s direct motor expression in which an improvising artist expresses himself through movement or comments on the imposed subject from his own perspective. Since there are no correct or incorrect movements in its assumptions, improvisation allows an artist to use every motion without restraints. Every movement is allowed, the most important thing is to surrender to emotions coming from the body that give rise to movement. In choreography, the primary goal is also to structure movements for artistic purposes so that they create phenomena of superior nature – atmosphere, expression and tension. The development of choreographic skills and abilities of participants in the workshops is influenced by improvisational and compositional tasks posed by a trainer.

Anna Maria Karabela – dancer, dance teacher