Aleksandra Dziurosz (CONTEMPORARY DANCE)

dancer, choreographer, director, contemporary dance teacher, holder of The Doctor of Arts, founder and creator of the Warsaw Dance Theatre.

ola dziuroszGraduate of the National Ballet School in Bytom (1999), and Ballet Pedagogy Studies (Academy of Music in Warsaw, 2003), and Postgraduate Studies in Dance Theory in Academy of Music in Warsaw (2007). In 2009, she received her Ph.D. from The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. She has performed at numerous contemporary dance festivals all over the world including: Japan, Spain, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and Czech Republic, to mention a few. She is the choreographer and director of performances and over 120 dance etudes. In 2006 she created a piece „Homo Querens” for Polish Dance Theater in Poznał„. Since October 2003, she is a lecturer in the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw in the fields of contemporary dance and movement technique and since 2009, she is also a lecturer in Academy of Music in łódłş. She is a stage movement creator for opera and theater performances. Between 2003-2008 she was a contemporary dance teacher at the Warsaw National Ballet School. Since January 2008 she leads her own Contemporary Dance Studio in the Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts in Warsaw. She also teaches a contemporary dance at various festivals and dance workshops in Poland and abroad. More information:


dancer, contemporary dance teacher

Graduate of the National Ballet School in Bytom. In 2011 she graduated from Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz (Bachelor: Dance Pedagogy/Movement Analyzis, Master: Stage Dancer). She danced in x.IDA Dance Company (Linz), working with: Cathrine Guerrin, Oleg Soulimenko, Rose Breuss, Frans Poelstra, Teresa Ranieri, Amy Raymond and in Austria co-operating with: Christina Medina, Annika Luschin, Willi Dorner, Daniel Morales Perez, Christine Gaigg, Karl Schrainer. As a member of the D.ID/ Dance Identity (Oberwart/A) with Liz King she co-produced "Double bind" and "Sweet hearts". She was director of "Tanz gegen Gewalt" performance (Oberwatr). She was contemporary dance teacher at "Red Sapata" and "Perform Dance" dance schools. She was a lecturer at the Anton Bruckner Private University. Since 2011 she has danced at the Warsaw Dance Theatre.


dancer, contemporary dance teacher

Graduate of the National Ballet School in łódłş. She studied at the University in Austria – Bruckner Private University in Linz. During her studies she danced in post-graduate dance company x.IDA Dance Company (Linz), where she was working, among others, with: Cathrine Guerrin, Oleg Soulimenko, Rose Breuss, Frans Poelstra, Teresa Ranieri and Amy Raymond. In 2008, she received an annual grant from the Ministry of Culture and Art in Vienna (BMUK - Bundesministerium fur Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur / Vienna – Austria). In recent years she has worked in the Netherlands with such choreographers / directors as Nathalie Larquet, Bruno Caverna, Solid Ground Movement Company (Frascati Theater) and Cia. Willi Dorner. In the meantime, she gave workshops in Austria at Anton Bruckner Privat Universtät, the team x.IDA programs in the Netherlands, for the Rotterdam Dance Academy Codarts and Amsterdam Dance Center, Belgium Artesis Hoger Instituut voor Dans (Lier / Antverp (Belgium) and in Vilnius (Lithuania), in collaboration with Igor Podsiadł‚y – dancer of the company Club Guy & Roni (Groningen / Netherlands). Since October 2012 she has been working with Aleksandra Dziurosz in Warsaw Dance Theatre.

Anna Maria Karabela

dancer, contemporary dance teacher

anna karabela

 Graduate of the Warsaw Ballet School. In 2005 she received first place in the National Dance Competition in Gdansk. She went on to study at the Rotterdam Dance Academy and Private Bruckner Universitat in Linz. In 2009, she graduated from an international program and the Dance Apprentice Network across Europe under the direction of: W. Forsythe, W. McGregor, F. Flamand and A. Preljocaj. She has performed in several productions, including: „Human Writes”, „Equivalence” and „Hypothetical Streams” – The Forsythe Company, „A Nos Heros” – Ballet Preljocaj, „Les Metamorphoses du Louvre” – National Ballet de Marseille. She is currently an independent dancer, taking part in various projects and collaborating with several groups and companies throughout Europe, including: The Guest Company – „Paun”  (Lyon), III Dance Theater – „Lace” (Bern), Paris-Cabaret Contemporaine „No West” (Paris) and Warsaw Dance Theatre.